Our Operations

As services specialists we believe that our service role incorporates the following responsibilities: To have professional know-how in terms of Housekeeping, cleaning and other services objectives. We believe that this is the very first requirement of our service role. Having the expertise to understand the objectives and to fulfil them requires specialist knowledge and experience. Knowing what to do, how to do it, when to do it, using the right chemicals, which methods to use, which equipment and working to the correct plan.

As minimum of these objectives are:

Professional know-how in terms of cost effective implementation

Proper planning of required tasks, developing work site procedure and detailed job schedules is the starting point for operations. This ensures that all contractual and service objectives are built in and planned for. Team members are introduced to part of the site's specific training and then are assessed accordingly for qualification and ongoing performance monitoring.

We find that detailed and specific instructions leave little room for confusion and ensure that detailed work and periodic work take place ( quality ). This is the vital step in achieving our service objectives.

Ongoing audits and inspections by Supervisors and management with feedback to personnel, corrective actions or recognition, reinforce desired behaviour and install a consistently high standard.

“We believe that employee's satisfaction is vital for the achievement of our service excellence and customer's satisfaction.”